Our History


The Strength and Power Hall of Fame began in 2014 when a split occurred over whether or not to include athletes with a current history of banned drug use. The Strength and Power Hall of Fame does not condone the usage or selling of such substances and therefore can not support the induction of those that do. Furthermore, the Strength and Power Hall of Fame, in addition to recognizing unique accomplishment, was also founded on the guideposts of acknowledging those of outstanding sportsmanship and contribution.  Simply stated, our goal is to not only recognize the greats in the strength world, but to also honor those who go above and beyond when giving back to the community and who promote the growth of our collective number of sports (powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman/woman, track and field, wrestling, etc)! 

Originally, the hall of fame only inducted powerlifters, but once the division occurred and the State and National Strength and Power Hall of Fame was formed, it was decided to expand the mission to include all brothers and sisters in the strength and power world.  Presently, we are the only Hall of Fame that both includes the subject of drug usage in its mission statement and   requires that titles and records be made in an organization that bans such practices of use.  While we certainly support, the best that we can, all lifters and athletes, drug free and otherwise, we believe that substance abuse is exactly that--abuse.  Halls of fame already exist that require no testing verification, and as such, feel that the drug-free athlete needed a home as well.  We truly hope that you find one here and are happy to include you in the fraternity of strength and power athletes!