National Hall Of Fame Qualifications




There are two ways in which an individual can be selected for

induction into both the State and National Strength and Power Halls of


1) Athlete:

In order to be inducted into the National Strength and Power Hall of

Fame as an athlete, all of the below stated qualifications must be met.

*Athlete must have competed at national, international, and/or world


*Athlete must have been a top ten ranked national, or greater,

competitor at least once. Or, placed no worse than 5th in a national,

international, or world competition.

*Athlete must be at least 40 years of age (at time of application)

*If the athlete is applying based on post 1984 credentials and

accomplishments, he or she must be drug free, and can not have

tested positive for any banned and/or illegal substance via urinalysis

or other US or International Olympic Committee methodology. The

athlete must have competed in a drug free organization and must

have been tested at least once (see below for organizations that test).

*If the athlete is applying based on post 1984 credentials and

accomplishments, he or she must have a resume that reflects a tested

performance that meets the criteria stated above

*If the athlete is applying based on pre 1984 credentials and

accomplishments, it is understood that testing was not consistently

done. However, applications highlighting pre 1984 accomplishments

but including competitive experiences beyond 1984 in non-tested

organizations shall be viewed as suspicious and may be grounds for


*The athlete must submit a resume with at least one letter from an

official representing a drug tested organization or submit a certificate

or other form of proof that he or she competed and met the ranking

and/or placing qualifications in a drug free organization. An example

would be a certificate or magazine article demonstrating a finish no

worse than 5th in an organization that actively tests for substance

abuse (such as the AAU). There are other forms of proof as well and

will be considered for admission once received.

*The athlete must demonstrate a high level of character and moral


*The athlete must have a resume that reflects an effort to grow

strength and power sports. Examples of this would be conducting

seminars, demonstrations, coaching, engaging in charity events, and

other things of the like.

*The National Strength and Power Hall of Fame Selection Committee

is under no obligation to induct any applicant. Although the selection

committee strives to be fair, the process of applicant review remains

somewhat subjective and perceptions differ. Applicants are only

notified once they have been admitted into the Strength and Power

Hall of Fame. Athletes are welcome to reapply as often as he or she


Accepted Organizations and Federations: USPA (Drug Free Division)


100% RAW



USA Weightlifting

All-Round Weightlifting

All sports governed by the US Olympic Committee

Or any other organization that tests athletes—The burden to prove

testing shall be placed upon the athlete and must be included with

resume. One example of “proof” would be a letter from the

organization’s president.

2) Contributor:

In order for a contributor to be inducted into the Strength and Power

hall of Fame, the following qualifications must be met.

*The contributor must be of outstanding moral and ethical character

*The contributor must be involved (giving of one’s time to others) in a

number of charitable organizations. Although monetary commitment

(donations) are wonderful, that is a matter of support and not

involvement. Therefore, monetary donations shall not constitute as


*The contributor must be charitably involved with at least one strength

and/or power organization.

Examples: Volunteer coaching for the Special Olympics, YMCA,

YWCA, USAW, WNPF, Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs, etc

*The contributor must have been, at a minimum, a state level (top 10)

former competitive strength and power athlete, or coach of a top 10

state ranked strength and power athlete, or developed or directed a

program that has substantially changed the lives of those in the

strength and power world.

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