Missing link Crew from White Plains, New York 12-9-2018

21st  WNPF Sarge McCray Powerlifting championships  Missing link Crew from White Plains, New York 12-9-2018
 By Peter Gisondi         

The World Natural Powerlifting Federation held their Sarge McCray Powerlifting championships  At The Town Inn Hotel in Bordentown New Jersey. On December  9th 2018 .. 70 + Absolutely Powerful Drug Free Powerlifting Athletes Gathered their Coaches ,family members, friends & converged on the Contest site . The WNPF staff was well prepared  to expedite this two session event ... Total time from start to finish ten hours . . President Troy Ford & Crew arrived the day before to setup the main platform & warm up area which had to be done after 10pm on Saturday evening due to a hotel function in the main ballroom . The Table crew was lead by Kathi Sottcsanti who truly enjoys  Announcing  all-day .Kathi is a powerful example of leading the Herd. She has Fun all day long . Barbara Williams worked the table cards calmly guiding each lifter to get the attempts in & keep the meet moving along. Barb Also choose My last Deadlift attempt for the win ...Absolutely Powerful... The main Platform & warm up areas we're well received by the Athletes & coaches  .    
  The WNPF presented an  Dedicated group of loaders & spotters,(Tug,John,Noah,James,Mark & Perry Thomas) Because of their hard work the 70+ lifter event flew started at 9:15 am ending at 6:00pm . These Platform Facilitators Work well together. Our  Excellent Official Referees were Ron Ehrhardt, Jim Sullivan, Eric Leblanc ,Annette Schneidmill ,& Bob Derisi. They took time to assure each lifter the rules in a positive fashion . The WNPF Atmosphere is Family Geared at displaying Camaraderie between The staff & lifters .The Judging crew was on point  with the many Referees available to discuss with  a lifter or their coach if the lift  was failed from one of the  technical problems that might have happen during the performance of the lift .The  professional amongst the WNPF staff & The Lifters was evident in the warm up area as well as the main platform. The Women's division had 22  powerful Athletes spread throughout the weight classes. We Enjoyed all the Women Athletes ,amongst our favorite was SUPERGIRL Naomi Kutin 17 year old teen with a massive 825 total raw . The Men's Group had 49 Absolutely  Powerful Athletes throughout the many divisions & age groups working together Encouraging each other. There were four Absolutely  Powerful Teams Entered for top honors ,(in placement order ) 1st  Vince Woods Power Team , 2nd The Missing Link ,3rd  Crossfit Absecon & 4th Separation Training Power Team. Congratulations to The Vince Woods Crew for their Powerful Performance , they rolled through the lifting competition with Coach Vince leading the way . Vince Woods was also Honored for The WNPF Coach Of The Year ..Congratulations  Brother Vince .  The Missing Link Team hailing from  White Plains ,New York entered 11 athletes for this competition .The Missing Link Teams only requirement for membership is their Policy of NO use of PECs ( Performance Enhancing Chemicals ). The crew is training & competing Raw using a non-supportive lifting singlet's & power belts  . At every contest the  team attends reaffirms our teams dedication  to provide a safe and healthy lifestyle choice without using PECs. The Missing Link members covered the many weight classes ,divisions and age groups . Principal of the Day was "Time To Be Powerful". Cleo Higgs lead the women's group with powerful lifts finishing with a 295lb deadlift in the 148 class 60-64 age group.  Carlos Barbosa lifted in the 132 open raw class setting all personal records . Jay Martins lifting in the raw 148lb class 19 year old group setting  personal records in the Squat @ 325lb ,bench-press @ 235lbs. & deadlift @ 430 .  .Chris Iodice lifted in the 148 raw junior full power .Chris finished the day with a powerful 925 raw total .Luke Tortoriello Lifting in His first event cruised with a 8 for 9 performance with a 255lb deadlift to solidify his day At 165 raw Junior full power. Nick Fiorisi  @181 Police raw open enjoyed a few massive lifts to secure 1st place . Justin Escobar at His 2nd contest put together some powerful lifts in the 198 class finishing with a powerful total of 1150lb . Peter Gisondi 3rd  competed in the 198  open raw with powerful attempts, Pete Had all  PRs across the board for a 9 for 9 performance .Pete 3rd truly is the ultimate Iron Warrior .   Miguel Lopez competed in the 220 juniors raw going 9 for 9 setting all PR's & finished off with a powerful 600lb pull .Barry Ray lifted in the 275lb masters class 47 year old group .Barry powerfully squatted 540lb ,benched 340lb & crushed a 600lb deadlift... .. POWERFUL MENTAL FOCUS .Pete Gisondi Jr. lifting in the 58 year masters 275lb class raw Powerlifting class went 8/9 finishing with  a 450lb squat,360lb bench & a 575lb deadlift. We would like to thank Troy Ford & the Entire WNPF Family for  this event . Thank You to all the family members & friends who came to support all the Athletes  ,Our powerful support Crew for leading our Cheering section & video crew Gino Gisondi & Mike Ferlita .  God Bless Too All : The Attached photo contains the following Powerful Athletes: The Missing Link Powerlifting  Team back row standing : Carlos Barbosa , Pete Gisondi Jr , Jay Martins , Luke Tortoriello , Chris Iodice ,Barry Ray, Nick Fiorisi, Mike Ferlita , Justin Escobar. front row kneeling,  Peter Gisondi 3rd , Miguel Lopez& Cleo Higgs. Congratulations to all participants ,WNPF Staff, spectators, Families ,Coaches .You Know The Principal 'Time To Be Powerful"..Happy Holidays'.. God Bless & God Speed


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