Lifting Spirits

Whether you're a nurse, a police officer, working the register at a fast food restaurant, or whatever, your future can be bigger and brighter than you probably think. To reach your potential, however, you must know the formula to succeed and to discover that formula, you need the right mindset. Bill Clark and Trent Patterson, both elite-level athletes and certified strength and conditioning coaches, share life experiences and lessons to help you capitalize on opportunities. Learn how to turn failures and defeats into opportunities for victory; increase your level of determination; handle the stress that goes along with everyday life, and reject lifestyle changes that endanger success. They also explain the fundamental difference between a reaction and a response, share strategies on building an action plan, and reveal how to start over and find new purpose in life no matter how old you are. Whether they are writing about the Olympic Training Center, the philosophy of the University of Alabama football program, weightlifting adventures in different countries, or battles on the one-yard line, the authors share lessons that will jumpstart success.
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