Cecil Burgess Virginia Strength and Power HoF inductee 2023

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Cecil Burgess



Cecil started lifting at 13 after watching weightlifting on television in the early 1970’s. Cecil primarily trained by himself with an occasional training partner. Cecil obtained some coaching after joining Bob Crist’s LPWC*. While at VPI** Cecil would train with the other members of the VPI Weightlifting Team. Cecil is an 11X Virginia State Champion.


1st 165lb class 1983 Virginia State Championships

1st 181lb class 1984 Virginia State Championships

1st 181lb class 1985 Virginia State Championships

1st 150-200lb class 1985 Peninsula Strength Championships. Cecil was best lifter.

1st 181lb class 1986 Virginia State Championships. Cecil was co-meet director

1st 181lb class 1987 Virginia State Championships

3rd 181lb class 1987 National Collegiate

1st 181lb class 1988 Virginia State Championships

2nd 181lb class 1988 National Collegiate

1st 198lb class 1989 Virginia State Championships

3rd 198lb class 1989 National Collegiate

1st 198lb class 1991 LPWC* 30-Year Open

3rd 198lb class 1992 New Year Open

4th 181lb class 1992 State Championships

1st 83kg class 1993 State Championships

1st 91kg class 1994 Wallops Island Weightlifting Championships

1st 91kg class 1994 Virginia State Championships

3rd 83kg class 1995 Wallops Island Weightlifting Championships

1st 83kg class 1995 Presidents Open

2nd 83kg class 1995 State Championships

1st 83kg class 1995 Capitol District Weightlifting Contest

1st 83kg class 1996 New Year Open Weightlifting Championships

1st 83kg class 1996 State Championships

1st 85kg class 1999 State Championships


Cecil also served as the Virginia Athletes Rep at the 1984 Senior Nationals, 

assisting Bob Crist. Cecil was co-meet director with Bob Crist several times during his career. For 40 years Cecil has helped set up/tear down, judged, loaded, conducted weigh in and any other duties needed for a successful contest.


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