Arn Kristy Virginia Strength and Power HoF inductee 2022

By Strength and Power Hall of Fame

Arnold “Arn” Kritsky




Arn is from Northern Virginia and began lifting in the early 1970’s. He was the first Virginian to represent the United States in the Olympic Games, Los Angeles 1984. Arn also represented the United States at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul South Korea. 


1st 123lb class 1974 Region 2 Junior Olympic WL Championships

8th 148lb class 1975 Chesapeake Bay Open

2nd 181lb class 1981 Hampton Roads WL Championships

1st 181lb class 1983 America’s Cup

7th 181lb class 1983 Senior Nationals

3rd 181lb class 1983 National Collegiate’s

1st 181lb class 1984 America’s Cup

1st 181lb class 1984 National Sports Festival VI

4th 181lb class 1984 Senior Nationals

9th 181lb class 1984 Olympic Games

1st 181lb class 1985 Senior Nationals

1st 181lb class 1985 US Olympic Festival

1st 181lb class 1986 US Olympic Festival

2nd 181lb class 1986 Senior Nationals

2nd 181lb class 1987 Senior Nationals

3rd 181lb class 1988 Senior Nationals

11th 198lb class 1988 Olympic Games

2nd 181lb class 1990 Senior Nationals

3rd 181lb class 1996 Senior Nationals



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