Robert Bednarski Rhode Island Strength and Power HoF inductee 2022

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Bob started lifting in the late 1950’s in Rhode Island and was coached by Joe Mills. Bob lifted for the Central Falls Weightlifting Club. In the mid 1960’s Bob began lifting for the York Barbell Club. Bob was probably the best lifter in the world in 1968 when he held 2 of the 4 world records in the heavyweight class. Bob should have been on the 1968 Olympic Team. He had clearly earned the right to compete at the Olympics that year. Fortunately, Bob was able to compete at the 1969 World Championships winning the 242lb class. 


1st 198lb class 1964 Junior Nationals

1st 198lb class 1964 North American Championships

4th 198lb class 1965 Senior Nationals

2nd Heavyweight 1966 Senior Nationals

2nd Heavyweight 1966 World Championships

1st Heavyweight 1966 North American Championships

1st Heavyweight 1967 Senior Nationals

1st Heavyweight 1968 Senior Nationals

1st 242lb class 1969 Senior Nationals

1st 242lb class 1969 World Championships

1st 242lb class 1970 Senior Nationals

3rd 242lb class 1970 World Championships

1st 242lb class 1973 Senior Nationals


Bob established 2 junior world records and 8 world records during his career.


Bob was the Strength and Health Magazine Weightlifter of the year in 1967. 


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