David Sheppard New York Strength and Power HoF inductee 2022

By Strength and Power Hall of Fame

David “Dave” Sheppard





David is from New York and started lifting in the late 1940’s. Dave was an international class lifter for 10 years and continued to lift in local meets after he retired from international competition. 


International Record


2nd 165lb class 1951 World Championships

2nd 165l class 1953 World Championships

2nd 198lb class 1954 World Championships

1st 198lb class 1955 Pan American Games

2nd 198lb class 1956 Olympics

2nd 198lb class 1958 World Championships


National Record

2nd 181lb class 1952 Seniors

2nd 181lb class 1953 Seniors

1st 198lb class 1954 Seniors

1st 198lb class 1955 Seniors

3rd 181lb class 1957 Seniors

1st 225lb class 1958 Seniors


David set 5 world records during his career.


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