Judy Glenney Washington State Strength and Power HoF inductee 2021

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A brief personal history?
I was born in Portland, OR but raised in Bend, OR, where I graduated from high school. I participated in volleyball, basketball, and track during that time - besides skiing and playing tennis with my family. I went on to Pacific University, again competing in the above sports plus softball, tennis, and field hockey. Graduating with a degree in Physical Education, I briefly taught elementary, junior, and high school grades but spent most of my later years teaching primarily weight training at the college level (25 years).

What lead you to your sport?
I had always been interested in testing my strength but growing up in the '50's and '60's there was no outlet for such training for girls. In 1970, God graciously brought a weightlifter into my life. Introducing me to strength training and the Olympic lifts, I was absolutely thrilled. Apparently he was thrilled with me taking to it so enthusiastically. Long story short, I became Mrs. Gary Glenney in 1971. Gary proceeded to coach me in the lifts and I soon wanted to enter competitions. However, with no competition for women, I entered meets along with the men. We eventually got it started with the first women's nationals in 1981.

Tell us about your achievements in your sport (using bullet form).
4 time National Champion - Best Lifter at most of those
4 Time Masters National Champion - Best Lifter at many of those as well
2 Time World Masters Champion - Best Lifter in 1998
NOTE: I competed 10 years before the first National Championship for women

Tell us about your State, National and World records. ( Using bullet form)
During my tenure of lifting, I have held many state records in New Mexico and Oregon
I have also held many National, and American records plus a few masters national and world records

Tells us about any other accomplishments.
Most significant is my marriage to my most understanding husband and coach. Without him, I would not have accomplished anything. God gave me the desire but He gave me Gary to fan the flame. Through the years:
Placed 2nd at the first National Women's Powerlifting meet and was alternate to the World Powerlifting team in 1980
"Pioneered" weightlifting for women, having the first Nationals in 1981
Became chair of the USWF Women's Committee in 1982
Was keynote speaker for the International Conference for Strength and Conditioning in 1997
Was honored by the AOBS for my contributions to the sport in 2018

Tells us about other activities within the sport i.e. Judge, meet director, trainer, demonstrations, community actvities etc.
Gary and I coached a high school team in 1986-91
Received my National Referee card in 1986
Manager and coach for the first international competition for women in 1986,87
Commissioner for the Masters World Games in 1998 (competed as well - 1st)
Was the first woman to obtain a Category I Referee card (highest international)
Served 4 years on the International Technical Committee in 1996-2000
I received my NSCA certificate for strength and conditioning in 2000 
Officiated at the Olympic Games in 2000
I have written 2 books on weightlifting:
"So You Want To Be A Female Weightlifter" - dealing with the technique of weightlifting, especially geared to women but the training and technique is good for anyone wanting to learn the sport.
"Uplifting Dreams" - tells my story of "pioneering" the sport for women. Goes into detail about what I mentioned in my background and what lead me to the sport.
Currently, I am still training, having recently competed in some power meets. I am a speaker for Stonecroft Ministries and continue to enjoy skiing and tennis.

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