Vincent Vardine New York Strength and Power HoF inductee 2020

By Strength and Power Hall of Fame

Where were you born? Where did you grow up?:
Miami Florida born Jackson memorial hospital 1956 family moved back and forth from New York to Florida where I graduated from South Broward high School Hollywood Florida + 74

Give us a brief presport history.:
As a young thirteen-year-old I won the p p NK pass punt kick football 13 years old I was a right defensive tackle for the South Broward Bulldogs championship team which I made All-State prep team I also lettered in wrestling I want on two states was an 13 and 2 record throw shot put and discus or is All county with a throw a 50 ft 1 in also was on the sbh weightlifting team at 181 add a 210 pound military press and 240 lb clean and jerk was also bench pressing 300 pounds as a senior in high school went on to college I played fort Scott community college a two-year juco came back to Schenectady New York and open my own business in 78 tgci continued playing football for the metro mallers out of Albany New York was part of the 78 championship efl team and picked up powerlifting lifted in many organizations from from the uspf adfpa APF IPA and APA

List your achievements (using bullet form) in your sport.:
Best lifts were,,Raw 855 Squat,575 Bench 665 deadlift

List your State, National and World records to the best of your recollection. :
APA,We 500 raw 2007 @52 yrs old 310 lbs Bdw,,same NYS Record 500 Raw, I P A NYS 308s 1995 1905 total,96,,1975 total and 97 APF masters1 National champ SHW 340 Bdw 2090 total 900 squat 520 Bench,670 deadlift Aurora Illinois,Russ Copland sports center APF..all NYS and WR held in Masters @42 yrs old...

Any other accomplishments that you wish to list in your bio.:
Still Lifting@ 64 APA I hold the Push Pull WR. 755 and NYS Record masters 350 Raw Bench @ 64 Still Competing...

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