Pete Miller Virginia Strength and Power HoF inductee 2018

The Strength and Power Hall of Fame welcomes weightlifting and powerlifting great, Pete Miller.
Pete Miller Bio:
Pete Miller born 1943
Olympic Lifting resume
Pete started weightlifting in 1960
Competed in Olympic Lifting 1963 to 2007
Competed in many virginia competions including Va ST, Capital Games and won pvaau weightlifting five straight years 60 kilo class. 
Pete competed in 8 Masters World Championships in Olympic lifting.
Won the 50-54 class in 1993 and was  2nd In the World Games 70 kilo in 1998.
He won many Pan America championships and USA Nationals and has several age group world records in the 70 kilo class.
1988 Olympic Team Manager
1984 and 1996 Olympic team staff
1983 and 1991 Team Manager Pan American Games
Usa Weightlifting Hall Of Fame
US Masters Hall of Fame
Pan Amercan Masters Hall of fame-Athlete
Board of Governors US Weightlifting 8 Yrs
USWF National treasurer 8 yrs
commissioner of US Olympic Festival 4 yrs
Commissioner of 2000 World Masters Championship
Powerlifting Resume
competed in age group 2007 to present 2019
Many age group state, national or world record in 100%raw powerlifting,
USPA,  USPL,  NASA sports federations
competed in raw powerlifting world championship
competed in usapl raw nationals
past ipf international referree
referee ipf world championships
referee Europe tour 1974
PVAAU President 3 different terms
PVAAU weightlifting Chairman 1965-1975
AAU Convention Chair 1974
PVAAU Hall of fame Athlete and administer
Chairman of various sports Weightlifting,Physique, Boxing , Boys Basketball
Mr America Committee
Credendial chairman Mr America committee
Pan American Federation Physique President
AAU Bodybuilding Hall Of Fame

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